Landon Mau

About Landon

I have been tattooing for the past 15 years and opened up Creations and Illustrations in 2010 to the public. Having a passion for art, I try to keep a wide spectrum of mediums such as murals, logos, graphic design, silk screening,oil, acrylic,watercolor, air brushing, pin-striping,as well as mixed media. I specialize in vibrant color and enjoy doing realism when it comes to my tattoos.I focus mainly on custom designs.I feel it is important to get to know my clients through my consultations in order to get the best depiction of what is trying to be portrayed/ expressed through a tattoo for the best possible outcome. I have spent the past years pushing bigger pieces out and hoping to do a lot more(the bigger the better!). When not in the studio, i am a father and husband as well to my beautiful wife and 5 kids! so as you may know, I’m a pretty busy guy! I am by appointment only, but am fairly flexible with my time slots.I could not ask for a better career that allows me to provide for my family as well as do what i love on some awesome clients. Thanks for looking, and look forward to seeing you soon! cheers!